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  Labs of a Different Color
(or three!)

We love to take our Silver Labradors and Charcoal Labs out to places where lots of dog people hang out. Of course, this could be anywhere because we have found these striking Labs persuade even the most timid dog lovers to come over and ask questions like, "Are they really Labs?", or "Are they mixed with Weimeraners?"

Of course, the answer is a resounding "Of course they are pure labs!" Labs' original coat color was intended to be black, although even in the earliest history of the breed you can find references to Liver or Chocolate pups and Charcoals that the early breeders referred to as Smoky Blacks that would pop up in litters. And Greys which were perhaps Silver. And Champagne. Then came the Yellow Lab. What would Labs be without the beautiful Yellow Lab with all its shades from White to the Fox Reds?

Although the AKC acknowledges the many different colors of the versatile Lab, including Silver and Charcoal, it is true the AKC only recognizes the Yellow, Black and Chocolate in the Show Ring, and although the Chocolate or Liver colored Labs had an easier time, the Yellows were only accepted after a few strong supporters of the color refused to give up. And so the lovers of these beautiful Silver, Charcoal, Champagne, White and Fox Reds are left to hope the AKC will see the popularity of these colors surge and allow them to have the full recognition they deserve, not in the field, or home where they already reign, but to the show ring also so that these colors can be held accountable to the AKC standard of the Labrador Retriever alongside their Black, Chocolate and Yellow breed mates!

The basic core qualities of a Labrador Retriever: Strong, Gentle, Eager, Intelligent, Good Hunting Companions and Retrievers, Seeing Eye Dogs. And perhaps the noblest job they can do is one that the Labrador excels in, that of a Search and Rescue Dog. These are all qualities that Labs of all colors share.

 Here at Silverose Labs we believe that all the colors are beautiful--although we hold a special place in our hearts for the striking Silver Labs! Find beautiful Lab puppies for sale in California here!
Thank You Dawn- for the great Pix!
Black, Charcoal, Silver & Chocolate
All Beautiful!
Silver Labs -
Are they Real?
The following is the official position of the American Kennel Club "AKC" on the registry of silver labradors from Jack Norton, Special Services Department AKC 01/24/00.

 "The registry of the American Kennel Club is based on parentage and not the coat of a member of any breed."

 In 1987 the AKC, in cooperation with the Labrador Retriever Club of America, conducted an inquiry into the breeding of litters that contained members that were registered as silver. An AKC representative was sent to observe these dogs. The report and color photographs were reviewed by AKC staff and representatives of the Labrador Retriever Club of America. Both parties were satisfied that there was no reason to doubt that the dogs were not purebred Labrador Retrievers, however, they felt that the dogs were incorrectly registered as silver. Since the breed standard at the time described chocolate as ranging from sedge to chocolate, it was felt that the dogs could more accurately be described as a chocolate rather than silver.  Written by Robert Young AKC 03/27/00.  This remains the current policy of the American Kennel Club.