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Feeding your New Best Friend! 

Before we begin on what to feed your new family member I would like to ask you to PLEASE free feed your puppy
 now and through life. 
This means just leave the dry food out and let him/her decide when and how much to eat. This will hopefully keep you from having to deal with bloat, which is the second leading cause of death in dogs and which is caused from bolting their food. 
And also, to keep food from being the entire focus of their lives, which Labs, being such a food driven dog anyway, will become when food is rationed out to them in intervals. 
Think of it as grazing for humans, which many health care professionals recommend for us! 

They will NOT eat themselves to death! They will actually maintain their weight at a healthy level. And let’s face it, humans are the last mammal on the planet that should be in charge of food portions! So PLEASE FREE FEED! 

Now, on to what to feed….. The Dry food recommended by us is from Costco. (Yes…Costco!) 
It is the Natures Domain Puppy Food in the blue bag for the first year of life and then the Adult Kirkland Natures Domain. 
This is a high quality premium food and please cut the analysis out to compare to other premiums. 
Their Natures Domain line also has other flavors and is excellent! You will find you are paying about half the cost for the same quality food from other premium brands. 
We also use Diamond Naturals from Chewy.
That said, there are LOTS of good brands of dog foods and if you have one you particularly like then by all means use it! 
Stay away from anything corn based though or you will have 
coat problems with your dog and will have 
a LOT of poop to pick up! 
I also feed canned Pedigree in the mornings to the pups. And you can scramble 2-3 eggs one day a week, put in the refrigerator in a container and sprinkle on their food every day. Their coats and joint development will love you for the fat and 
protein from the egg. 
People will ask you what you do to get their coats so shiny! And, although everyone will say don’t feed table scraps, I do in moderation and they love it! I am told to stay away from chocolate cake myself (no chocolate for dogs though!) but I know my life would be infinitely more dismal without it! 

Fish Oil and the NuVet Vitamins are must have supplements!
To order NuVet call 800-474-7044 Order Code 68012

And always remember, you are the expert on your own dog! 

Feed him well, keep him warm and dry, and just be with him and you will have the best friend you ever had! 
Taking Your Puppy Home
 Silverose Labs
A Cuddly is Good!
Do Bring a Soft Blanket or Toy your New Puppy will be Sleeping with at Home. We will rub it on Mom for scent to soothe your new baby in his/her New Home.
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and his