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       Happy Owners
 Hi there!
We are coming up on our dog Sailor's 2nd birthday and I wanted to send you an update on the most wonderful dog we have ever owned.
Sailor was the puppy of Belle & Tucker and born in January 13th 2012. 
I cannot even express how close my son Maverick and her are. He goes, she follows. She is always near Maverick, watching his every move. Bath time, nap time, play time...she's there. 
She also has a bond with our cat, Jane. They sleep together, play together and eat together. Our cat follows us on walks around the neighborhood and all of our neighbors comment on how they have never seen a dog carry on such a close relationship with a cat! I swear, Sailor sees no difference in any animal. She is exceptionally close with our other dogs Duke (maltese) and Bart (Corgi Mix). Sailor lives a happy life. She is SO friendly with people, kids and other animals and that makes it so easy for us to take Sailor everywhere with us. The dog park, the beach, the desert and the river are her favorite places. People comment all the time on her personality. She is so sweet. 
 I wanted to send a quick note just expressing how grateful we are for our baby girl. No one will ever compare to our gentle giant! She is an amazing dog.
 We hope all is well with your family and you had a wonderful Holiday!

                                              -Sergio, Breanna, Maverick & Cruz S.
                                                           Orange, California

 Hey Laurian 
Long time no talk. It was Kulos (luna x jet) 1st birthday yesterday and I wanted to let u know he is doing great... his coloring is still crazy. He has his light coloring on his paws legs chest and neck.The rest of His coat is darker like his moms. He is a little bigger then Kona already and he is really dense. He is the biggest baby haha he loves to cuddle and is very expressive. If somebody was willing to pet him all day he would def allow it. I attached a couple pics. I hope all is well.

Hi Laurian,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Rio. He is the most handsome 
 boy we have ever seen:) He is such a good listener, really affectionate, and still pretty mellow.
 Hope all is well on the ranch! We will update you again with more pics as he grows! Thanks again for giving us this sweet boy, he really is a gem.

Reece and Jet Puppy
Just wanted to send you these cute photos of Gunner:) He's getting so big and we love him so much! He's taking puppy lessons and loves going to the doggy day camp by our house to play with other pups. Just wanted to thank you guys again and let you know he's doing great!
                                                                                     -Nicole H.
Reece and Jet Puppy
We purchased Drago from you in December of last year. He was the last puppy picked up in his litter and his mom, dad and even you were sad to see him go. He had huge paws (still does) and a big heart. 

He is the best thing that has happened to this family. We love him soo much. He is almost 8 mo old and already weighs 90lbs!!!  Healthy as an ox. He is being trained in duck hunting and is doing great. He loves the ocean and is dedicated to protecting his family. 

We love him so much and wanted to say thank you. Hopefully we can bring another home someday!  

                                                                                       -The Avila family. 

Amber & Tucker Pup
I warned you that I would be inundating you with puppy photos!
Slate joined me on a breast cancer walk a few days ago.  He was such a good boy, walked the entire 5k and was happy to be a silver lab ambassador.  

Hi Laurian
I just wanted to thank you so much for my boy Deacon Blue, registered name Deacon Blue Serendipity Jet (I had to give my girl Serendipity a shout out, I just love her).
He is a Serendipity/Jet puppy thus his name.
 When I lost my yellow lab after 14 years I never thought I would find the love that I lost with him. Then I met Deacon and I found that love all over again. He has been the best puppy, I was really nervous about getting a new baby ( it had been 14 years). He has made me so happy everyday. He is for sure my shadow, you were right about that. He goes everywhere I go, he had his first trip to the beach last week. He LOVED it, everyone loved him. He was the hit of the beach, everyone asked about him and commented on how awesome he is. He is just so very smart, training is going great. He is getting so big, he just turned 5 months and he is over 50 lbs already. He is just a big mellow lover, when we have people over no one can believe how well behaved he is. We love this little man more than you can imagine. I can truly say that Deacon Blue is my heart, my perfect match.
Thank you again for giving me the chance to be his forever mom.
I will keep you posted and up to date with our journey thru our life together.
Becky H.

A Big Congratulations to 
(Housers Hank, Master Hunter)
who is one of Haley and Jet's Pups. 
He competed at Master Nationals 
this October!
We are all so Proud!
While I'm sure it's difficult to keep track of the dogs that come and go I would be remiss not to share a few photos of Lincoln with you. He's absolutely the most excellent dog ever. Realizing that everyone's dog is excellent Lincoln is still actually the best dog ever. He was part of the 10/4/14 litter just over a year ago. Blue collar. We took him to SB. Can't remember his parents names but sure you do. They were great parents.  Great litter. Although...fyi...Lincoln is 95 lbs no fat tight. Still got a couple months to grow. Huge, lean and loving. 

Lincoln is a ocean and winery dog. While he'll dive into all water sources to 6+ ft under he barks only at horses, which is odd because as a puppy horses were everywhere and horseshit is his favorite dish. He's gotta pretty excellent life, social as a mofo. Our best friend for sure. Wicked smart. The most emotional animal I've ever known. Including me. Thx. Got a thousand pictures if you want more. 

Merry, Merry, Matt
Hi Laurian!

 We just wanted to send you some photos of our handsome Dozer. He turned a year old on 11/25/15 and is so big! He weighed in at 92.5 lbs! He's tall with long legs and keeps fit and lean. He plays hard and sleeps hard!

 Your labs are the best!

Thank again for the great family addition!

 Mike and Andrea H.
Amber X Kwazii Pup
Hi Laurian
 Just a quick update on my boy Deacon Blue.
 He will turn 2 on January 29th. He is amazing, he is everything I could have ever hoped he would grow into. He is my constant shadow, my protector, my heart. He is just so funny he makes me laugh everyday. He is the most sensitive loving beast, I love him more everyday. He goes everywhere with me, and he is the best ambassador for silvers everywhere. We could not be more proud of our handsome boy, or love him any more than we do.
 Thanks again for our most wonderful boy....
 Becky H.
Deacon Blue & Becky
Hello Silver Rose Lab Family ,

 This is Olivia R. I bought a female charcoal lab from you back in 2011, her parents being Stormy and Tucker.

I named my lovely lab Diorsia (pronounced DIOR-SEE-AH). I’ve been wanting to give you an update about her and share with you she is doing fine and living a fun dogs' life with her new buddy a 5 month old pug named Bindi.

Diorsia has brought joy and so much fun in to my home, she loves to run and swim in the pool any chance she can get.

On 01-24-16 Diorsia celebrated her 5th birthday. Its been a great 5 yrs of having such an awesome pet thank you for your part.

Diorsia loves all the exposure she can get so it’d be perfect for you to share her pics online. 

Sincerely Olivia
Pick Up Day!

Two years ago you sold my boyfriend and I a little silver girl from Silverose All Tuckered Out x Silverose Princess Isadore. We named her Elsa and couldn't be happier with her. She has turned into a beautiful dog and will start her hunt test career soon. 
I've attached some pictures of her as well so you can see how she's grown.

Nichole B and Daylen W
Hi there, my name is Cash. My birthday is 12/14/15, my dad is Tucker, but I don't remember my mom. My human mom wanted me to update you, cause I'm about to be 9 months old. I'm basically the best dog in the world. All the humans love me, all the dogs love me. Don't believe me? I've got like 5 girlfriends, ones a cat, that's all the proof you need. I've also got tons of sweet skills. Fetching stuff: Check. Swimming: double-check. Sniffing out dead stuff: mega-check. Just check out these dope pics my parents took of me. You can put them up if you want to, I mean I'm totally handsome. We're always hiking and swimming and camping and stuff. My humans say I might get a little sister soon...she better like the same stuff. Well thanks for giving me to those other humans, I guess they're pretty cool too. 

Cash....your Mom's name is Riley!
I wanted to send you a quick update-
Hoping to make your wall of happy owners -lol.  
5 Weeks into puppy life and things are going great.  
We named him Mylo.  
He has a strong personality but we are amazed at how smart he was from a very early age.  
He has 10 commands down within the first 5 weeks.   
Our labradoodle-Luna- and Mylo have become inseparable.  
We have several friends asking about him so you may be getting inquiring emails. 

                                                              thanks again. - Ramon V