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Meet "Idris" (Reece and Jet) 
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       Happy Owners
Everyone keeps noticing his feet 
He is a wonderful dog, except when he needs to burn energy!
Chobee at 1 Year Old 
He has changed our lives for the better.
Just thought I'd give you a quick update for Ollie 
(Hudson-Gracie, white collar female). 
She is 4 months old now. About 36 lbs, full of energy and enthusiasm. 
She loves everybody and gets lots of attention. 
 She LOVES the beach, loves running around and chasing sticks out in the water. 
 We all love her so much! 
 I'll continue to send a picture now and then...


We bought Zen from you March 8, 2014. 
Below is a current picture.
Hi there-
Hard to believe it been 6 years since we picked up a beautiful chocolate lab from you... as a birthday present for my then 12 yr old son. My son is now about to be 18 yrs old, and our beloved Kobe (chocolate lab, parents Jet & ???, born 7/31/2012) just turned 6 yrs old (recent pic attached). He has been an absolutely fantastic dog. Quick learner, eager to please, affectionate would be an understatement, great with kids... absolutely awesome! 
                                      -Cory & Keala G

Just thought I would share this pic with you.
Our Jetty Boy is an absolute joy!
Carmel Beach is his favorite place to be.
We are currently working towards passing the 
Canine Good Citizen Test.
                                -Danielle G.

Hi Laurian-
Here's a photo of Birdie from 3/7/16 litter. She is dreamy! And a big pain in the butt! (:
With kind regards,
Joanna and Tom


I keep saying this. Butters just seems different from Finn and Jackson: he catches frisbees mid-air, and returns them like a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd. He lies down with his back legs splayed out, again, unlike our other 2 Labs. 
He is extraordinary. We love him!
We are really happy and glad we got Bochy from you !! 
He is really smart, good looking, and a great dog !! 
😊Thanks, Martin and Maria 
I've been meaning to send this e-mail to you about our Lulu (or Lulubelle as we affectionately call her), but as usual, life got in the way. Lulu was born on October 28, 2015, from Gracie and Jet (she was the orange collar), and turned a year old a couple weeks ago. When she first joined our family, Lulubelle was tiny, weighing in at just over 11 pounds. In this past year, she has bulked up to around 59 pounds (although we think her growth as tapered off significantly). While she is not physically large, she is packed with muscle, much like her father. She can out-pull and out-tug us with her rope toys, and we have to hold on with two hands because she can snatch them out of our hands with a jerk of her neck.That being said, Lulubelle has caused minimal damage around the house--one shoe which I carelessly left out--because she focuses her attention on cardbox boxes. And, for some inexplicable reason, she loves having my neoprene knee brace near her because she grabs it--but does not chew it--from my closet shelf whenever she gets the chance.In this past year, Lulubelle has proven to be a quick learner, not only of basic commands, but also of her many special words. She can "shake" with her right paw, but knows "give me five" means to use her left paw. She now knows to look up when she hears "birdie," and to race to the sliding door when she thinks a "bunny" has invaded her yard.Lulubelle is a typical Labrador though, and loves chasing the stream of water from the hose, standing underneath the just-used showerhead waiting patiently for little drips of water to land in her mouth, and positioning herself next to the jacuzzi tub faucet waiting for us to turn it on so she can lap up the stream of water. We took her to the dog beach a couple weeks ago, and she had lots of fun running in and out of the surf chasing her tennis ball. At doggie day care--which she goes to twice a week--Lulubelle is the queen. The handlers report she is quite popular among the other dogs (and handlers, too!) because she is friendly and rambunctious. However, the handers reported something to us about six months ago that they witnessed about Lulu. Apparently, our little girl saw other meaner dogs bullying the deaf dog, and our little girl ran over and placed herself between the deaf dog and his tormentors, and began barking with a deep bark the handlers had never heard from her before. Lulu would not move away from the deaf dog until the mean dogs backed away.This is who Lulubelle is--a genuine sweetheart. She loves everyone she meets, and nearly everyone bends down to pet her. That being said, she has developed an arch-enemy in the vacuum cleaner. Although she enjoys romping around the yard and going to doggie day care, nothing makes her happier than being around us. Every morning when she gets up, every afternoon when we return home, and every evening before dinner, Lulubelle shows us her affection by licking our ears and faces. And sometimes, she still falls asleep on her back on our laps. John and I often remark we can see Gracie (Lulu's mom) in Lulubelle's temperament and disposition.I wanted to send this update, along with photos, so you can see how Lulubelle has grown and blossomed. And, more importantly, John and I wanted to thank you for Lulubelle, one of the best dogs we have ever had in our lives.

Hi Laurian-
It's Athena! We got her from you approx on thanksgiving last year. We are so happy with her. Thank you again! She's been nothing short of awesome.

Hi Laurian-
Thanks so much for getting back to us! We can't wait to add to our family with another pup.  

I've added some pictures of Miss Brooke. She certainly loves playing fetch like her mama, is mellow, loves cuddling. Full of personality and a great companion.  

Jessica M.

Hi Laurian,
Just thought I'd update you on Ollie (Hudson-Gracie, white collar female), now 6 mo old. She hit a little growth spurt, is now 52 lbs, seems like she is going to be a biggish girl. She is such a joy to us -- fun, smart, energetic, playful, affectionate. She has lots of friends at the dog beach and dog park, as well as many human friends!
Here’s a picture of our Max (yellow collar). 
He’s Loving, protective, playful, over 100 pounds and often wants to cuddle like a lap dog (following his older “sister” Ruby, a 15-pound cockapoo).  
Loves to swim and play fetch and tug-a-war especially. 
All of your dogs are gorgeous! So fun keeping in touch!!!  
Maggie & Scott (& max) 

Murphy. 6 Months.
A Stunner.
-Donna & Michael

Just wanted to share a picture of how our little one, Roadie, is growing! He is such a good boy. He will be 1 on February 10th and our girls are happily planning his 1st Birthday party.
Josie & Hudson Pup
Nova & Hudson Pup

We haven’t updated at all since taking Tootsie Home. Today is her first birthday and we are celebrating. I made a collage I’d like to share with you and then two single pictures. 
Tootsie is the light of my day. She really is my emotional support and my best friend. Thank you again for letting us take her home. She’s such a doll and a goof.

                                                      -Felix R.

It's been 5 months since Django (Happy Hudson & Outlaw Josie) joined our clan. He just turned 7 months last week and about 73 lbs. He was potty trained by 3 months and learned the basic commands by the time he was 4 months. He has captured all our hearts. He is goofy, funny, and smart. He has quite a personality. He has an oral fixation just like his dad Hudson. When he is excited he always looks for one of his toys to chomp down on to calm himself. When it's bed time, he likes to grab one of blankets and take it into his kennel. He can differentiate between the different toys he has when we ask him to bring one to us. He loves to play fetch, tug-of-war, loves the water (haven't tried swimming yet), and absolutely enjoys car rides. From the moment I wake and until he is kenneled at night, he is my constant companion. Of all the family members, he has chosen me as his person, which was my hope. He loves to snuggle when it's down time and will lay on top of me if I let him. We always receive compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. He is growing into a very gorgeous adult Lab as you can see from the link below, but as you know still All Puppy in his brain. He still can't figure out that he is way too big to fit under the dining room table while we're eating. Thank you so much for the great job you have done and continue to do with your beautiful dogs. Outlaw Django Hudson is only one of the many pups that attest to your passion for the Labrador breed. Thank you for our pup! Our lives have been so enriched by the addition. I hope all is well on the ranch.      Best,  Lily
Murphy now nine months! Not a day goes by without someone saying," What a beautiful dog". Some days even," Your dog is the most beautiful dog I've ever seen!". Yup. For real. 

Hello There, 
Just thought I would send you an Updated Photo of our Tucker. He is 4 years old now and the best dog in the world. He is such a sweet boy. We just had our pool built and he thinks it is his – hence the picture. Thank you again for bringing him into our lives. He is AMAZING!!!!
-Craig G.
Meet Blue. Aubree X Tucker Pup
In Service Dog School. Already knows multiple commands at 5 months. He is loved. And WHEREVER we go people ask about him. I can't tell you how many people say he is the most beautiful dog they've ever seen!
His paws are HUGE. He's already in a size 8 boot. Vet says he could get to 100 lbs!
One of the
 cutest photos I have.

It's hard to crate train when the 
Avengers keep busting her out!
                                                       -Nicole H.
We couldn’t help but send a quick email about our silver, Violet, who just turned 1 on 11/23/2019(Hudson/Xena litter)
She is amazing - smart, sweet, and energetic. Our two young daughters love her to pieces and she is gorgeous to boot.
                                                -Anthony M.