Masso sends greetings from his new home!
"The kids are really enjoying him, and he has been surprisingly obedient. He already knows where he is allowed to sit in the house, and his potty training is coming along. The little guy just wants to please."
                                          Sam and "Jack"

"Jack is doing great and growing fast! He definitely is loving life, and loves playing. The one thing we can't get over is the fact that he likes being held like a baby! We are extremely satisfied with him."

Rosella is doing great! My daughter loved her since day one... Until  
Rosella bit her on the foot and made her bleed. The good thing is that  
she isnt biting people as much any more. ;-) She has a bone that she  
loves to fetch with Mom (me;) and we are teaching her that the bone is  
the only thing she could bite! She sits on command and she knocks on  
the door when she wants to come in the house.  She is extremely a  
pleasure to be around.. By the way, she follows me to every corner of  
the house that i go to. The following is a picture that i took  
today...she is such a big girl!
                                     - T.Z.

As you can see Karlie is having a very hard time adjusting to her new home (hehehe!)
Karlie had her puppy check at the Saddleback Vet with Dr. Scott Liebeau.  He himself has 2 labs and is partial to the breed.  He said she is very healthy and is a beautiful dog. (Of course we already knew that!).  She is doing great and fitting in here in our home.  We are so excited to have her. I think your labs are extremely heathly in fact he commented on how perfect her weight was and that we should continue to keep doing whatever you were doing.  He was impressed with how he could feel her ribs but not see them but that she wasn't just a big butterball.  He said her coat was shiny and her eyes were bright.  We told her what you had been giving her and he said you knew what you were doing and did a great job.  We agreed.

Silverose Labs
He's keeping us running! He now is officially  "Bo" we are still working on the AKC name. We tried a couple of different names and they never seemed right. So far, this one has stuck because we made my son make a decision or we were going to call him "kitty kitty". He's been great and is really smart. He figured out the doggy door  in about two days, and that he needed to go to our slider when he had to go to the bathroom.He and our other lab were instant friends and have been inseparable except when he chews on her tail.We will keep in touch with updates from time to time or when we get good photos. :)     
Its the J.C.D. family..... Well, all is well here... he has been growing like crazy! After I emailed you my last update of his name being "Bo" of course we changed it one more time, to the name that has stuck. His name is Jazz because he has been such a mellow dog with the exception of early mornings, when he is unsupervised and roams the house looking for toys that were left out and are fair game. He has been a great addition to our family and continues to get more and more handsome. His eyes are amazing! I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos and ask if you could change his name on your site so, my son will quit telling me to email you!:) Hope all is well.

Annabelle is the biggest sweetheart. She is a fun loving beautiful lab. She is potty trained and loves to run and play and fetch. She is also very well minded and she loves to eat! We could have not picked a more perfect dog!! .
She is so healthy and playful. It is 
amazing how obedient she already is. 
She is a wonderful puppy.....Thank You! 
She LOVED the snow!!!                   -J.V.
Happy Owners
[email protected]
Just thought I would let you know that Karlie is on the road this summer.  We took off for our East Coast trip on June 22nd and have been traveling through Idaho and Montana the past couple of months.  She really has had a tough time adjusting to traveling in the RV as you will see in the picture I have attached. It was taken as we were traveling down the road.  This is her norm. Too funny huh!  She is such a good girl and we have loved having her with us.  She gets along with everyone the only thing we are trying to break her of is jumping up on people when we first meet them.  As you can imagine there are A LOT of new people that we meet along the way so this is getting to be a very annoying thing.  I am sure that she will be broken of this though by the time we get home in Nov.  She kennels really well when we go places that she can't.  Thanks for that tip!  I also attached a picture of her at our friends house with a piece of wood that she found to chew on.  She LOVES wood.  If there is wood to be found she will find it and chew it to shreds.  She has the whitest teeth.  If you remember she was the one of the litter who was chewing on the pine tree in your yard.  Guess we should have been warned then!                                                                           -KC

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We named him Finn !
 He's a really happy boy, really good, eating well, and such a great looking dog!  We're just trying to keep him entertained and will be patient about the training stuff.  He's sleeping at my feet now. 
Here are the latest pictures we took of Henry.  He is growing up so fast and such a sweetheart.  He really is a good dog.  As long as we keep him with chew toys and chew bones we are good.  He has gone through 3 of my son's cell phone charger cords but that's Stephen's fault he doesn't pick them up.  Henry is very attached to Stephen he lights up when he comes in the room.  He has taken to his kennel at night and whenever we leave to run errands.  Not ready to keep him outside yet and I really don't think he is going to be an outside dog he loves being inside. We can't wait until after the first of September then we can take him for walks he gets his final puppy shots and Rabies on September 2nd.
Thank you again he is a delight!

Double Trouble is More Fun !
 She loves her chew toys and riding in the car!

I can't begin to tell you how happy we are that we found you on the 
internet and chose to buy a puppy from you, we were so impressed with you and the way you care for your dogs.  I have to tell you after doing a lot of research there are not very many breeders out there like you.  We will definitely come to you for any future purchases and are very much interested in one of your silver males.  We are looking into purchasing a place together in Oak Hills which is unincorporated and outside the city limits and all the lots are between 2-10 acres and then we would be able to have more dogs. My other half is going to retire real soon and wants to dedicate time to train and care for the dogs.  Take care Laurian and I will keep in touch.            -DH

The Famous "Yellow Collar" Chocolate aptly named....Deja !
(it's a long story folks....ask if you have time!)
Oh my god.  He is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful puppy!  Even more beautiful in person than in that photo.  He is gorgeous.  And what a personality.  He's so cuddly and fun.  My 8 yr. old daughter whose birthday is tomorrow is just beside herself with joy.  At one point she said, I can just do this all day and night.  He's wonderful.  And our son has wanted a dog all of his fourteen years.  He's loving him too.  He even stayed home on a Friday night and had dinner with us.  He doesn't do that for anyone.  Thank you so very much. He's perfect.  When David was driving home, he sent me a text that read: he's already family.     -LW

 Scout is a total love and so fun.  He currently is laying at my feet as I catch up on computer time.  Besides being silver in some lights, he can also be taupe in the sun, so I refer to him as my latte lab.  He is so gosh darn cute.  The boys have renamed him "killer" as he likes to chase the boys and nip em.  Oh, a lot of fun training in store.Scout is really been good with potty training, just a few accidents so far.   And he did not take after his sisters but he is catching on with sleep.  He did sleep the whole way home.  First night he was up three times, perhaps because I was a sucker and did not crate him with door closed.  Second night he only woke up twice and last night he slept till 5:30.  So, we are getting there.  oh, and our cat, Dash, is taking to him too -- a bit slow but not too much problems with that.
thanks again for our new member of the family.  We love him!  -CB


 She is doing very well.  She eats a ton for how small she is. She absolutely loves water. You were right everybody that sees her asks what she is.  The hardest part about her is picking out a name.                          -BH
Henry is a Charcoal Male
 She is so absolutely sweet and easy! She had no problem with the crate  
and at times goes in on her own to nap. She sleeps a lot because she is  
growing every day. I think she might be Tucker's size? She stops  
traffic! No one knows what she is so we have to explain the whole silver - 
charcoal lab description. lol    She looves people and is curious,  
fairly independent, brave and very smart! She already learned sit and  
leave it.  Before I give her food or a treat i place it down and "say  
wait.... or leave it"  Then I say ok and she gobbles it up.  We are  
learning how to lay down and she is eager to learn. She is a great  
kisser like all of your doggies! Potty training is taking a little time. Some days she goes only outside and other times she will go right in front of me? She's only 10 weeks so Im thinking she has not grasped concept fully yet.  We love her!   
Everyone says she is beautiful and of course the eyes although you  
mentioned they will change. She is enjoying exploring the house and garden and seems pretty smart. We're amazed she already figured out the doggy door today. We are totally enjoying her and her big personality. She is affectionate but also has a bit of an independent streak which makes me think she is a really secure puppy. I think it comes from the safe, secure, loving environment and freedom your home provided.         -SK

Its been a while since I've last emailed you.  I was looking at all the new pups and pictures on your website and thought I should send you some more pictures of Kona.  She has gotten so big so fast.  She's almost 9 months and she is 80 lbs.  She is by far one of the best behaved dogs/Labs I have ever come across.  She is simply amazing.  She just went on her first trip to Lake Havasu, AZ and had a great time.  I can't thank you enough.  Enjoy these pictures she's a character.

Rerun is the greatest puppy in the world!!!  
We wanted to share some pics of Rerun with you as he has become quite a character. He is everything we wanted and more. He's definitely a full time job!!  Brad's days of worrying that he slept to much are long gone!!
He's smart as ever and learns so quick.
Favorite toys: Running out of bathroom with toilet paper in mouth as far & fast as possible, biting ankle & calf and especially chewing on Schroeder's face and Tormenting Lucy (she hates him)!! Loves retrieving stuffed animals  :)
Vet checked him and all' great. 

Thanks again for everything!

Michael & Brad

Rerun and Lucy