Perfect Companions - Lab Puppies for Sale in California
Sleeping Lab Puppies for Sale in California
Choose from Chocolate Labs, Silver Labradors, and Many more

You"ll Fall in Love with Our Yellow Labs, Chocolate Labs, and Silver Labs
Silver Labradors
Choose from Chocolate Labs, Silver Labradors, and Many More
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We have Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in California that are 
available throughout the year in different colors, including 
Silver Labradors , Charcoal Labs and Champagne Labs! Let us know what you are looking for and we will find the right puppy for you!
About our Wonderful Labs.....
The Labrador Retriever loves to retrieve. Show a Lab to water and it will retrieve all day: balls, sticks, small boats and even children who might happen to go for a swim. Descended from dogs found in Newfoundland by explorers, fishermen and settlers, the Labrador Retriever evolved by natural selection. An excellent retriever of fish and game, these dogs have been known by several names, among them the Black Water Dog, the Lesser Newfoundland and the St. John's Dog. In the early 1800s, the breed was introduced to Britain, where it was eventually crossed with other sporting breeds. The final product was the strong, sturdy, happy Labrador Retriever, which is America's most popular dog, thanks to its outgoing, eager-to-please and loving temperament.  

The Labrador Retriever was officially recognized by the AKC in 1917. Males usually measure 22.5 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder, females about 1 inch less. Weight for males ranges from 65 to 80 pounds, with females averaging about 10 pounds less. The coat is short, dense and hard in colors of black, yellow, silver, charcoal, chocolate and many shades in the middle such as the white and champagne Lab. The AKC only allows black, chocolate and yellow to place in the show ring but that doesn't stop us from loving the other colors! A simple good brushing will remove dead hair and keep the coat shiny. A distinctive feature of the breed is the medium-long tail. Thick and round at the root and gradually tapering to the tip, it is often described as an otter tail. This tail can clear a coffee table in seconds! The Labrador is easy to train and excels as a field dog as well as obedience trials. Labs enjoy all outdoor exercise but are especially fond of swimming. They say this medium-sized, high-energy dog is best suited to a suburban or country home with a yard and a family that can provide it with the activity it loves--but that said, many city-dwelling Lab owners tell us it is the most wonderful "city" dog they have ever had! 

City, country or anywhere in between, 
the Lab is simply the best!
Doing What They Do Best - Chocolate & Silver Labradors
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Friends for Life - Lab Puppies for Sale in California
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One of Amber and Tucker's Pups Enjoying Life!
Silverose Labs
play well 
with others!
We at Silverose Labs feel Labradors make the best pets when they are part of the family. We don't have "kennel" dogs and encourage all of our new puppy owners to allow their dogs to become part of their daily lives.
A Typical Day at Silverose Labs!
Mystic in the Mist  - photo from a Happy Owner!
Aubree Pup
A Happy
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