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     Reserving a Puppy

Pups are sold with Full or Limited AKC Registration
Please breed wisely!

Deposit required to hold a pup of your choice. 
Deposit is non-refundable and balance must be paid by the time pup is 8 weeks old. 
We will transfer deposit to a different litter to accomodate color and gender selection. 
If selection not available from current litter we will transfer deposit to next litter. 
It may take time to get you your perfect puppy! 
At 6 weeks of age puppy selection will begin with 1st pick, 2nd pick, etc....Puppies 
will be available to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. 
Deposits by mail or in person. 
Hold is placed on a Puppy, 
or Spot on Waiting List Reserved when Deposit is Received.
Balance due by 8 weeks of age
Cash only at Pick Up is Accepted      
 For instructions on sending payments please email
[email protected]
or call (559) 246-0676

Shipping is not available for our pups.
Pick up only! 
We love meeting you all and we want you to meet your pup in person!

All Pups are Microchipped prior to going to their new home.
All Pups dewclaws are removed at appx. 3 days.
Wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks.
First Combo Shot(Parvo, Distemper etc..) is given at 6 weeks 
One year guarantee against congenital defects.
26 month guarantee against genetic defects.
We offer a replacement puppy 
out of the first available litter and you keep your dog 
if all requirements for replacement have been made.
[email protected]
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Silver and Charcoal
Male and Female

Silver factored Chocolate
Male and Female

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Silver Male Puppy - Izzy X Tucker

Reserving Your Puppy
Full vs. Limited Registration 

Limited Registration
If you are not planning to breed, show, or compete your dog…This is the best option for you.  This option is for families who plan to spay/neuter.

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.

No offspring of a dog for which Limited Registration has been granted is eligible for registration. Each registration certificate for such dog shall carry notice of the limitation, and the limitation shall continue, regardless of any change of ownership of the litter at birth.

Full Registration
If you are planning on showing, competing, or breeding your dog…this is the best option for you.  There is a price difference for full registration rights.  There are no restrictions with this registration option.  

American Kennel Club-AKC
What is the AKC?
The American Kennel Club, a non-profit organization established in 1884, maintains a purebred dog registry, sanctions dog events, and promotes responsible dog ownership. We strongly encourage all our puppy owners to register their puppy with the AKC. They do wonderful things for dogs!
Labs of all Colors...all Wonderful!
Which color is for you? Don't ask our favorite! We can't pick! We Love them all!
Silverose Labs guarantees your puppy purchased from us to be a purebred Labrador Retriever, registerable with the AKC and is guaranteed free from Genetic defects for 26 months and Congenital defects the first 12 months from date of birth.
At the time of sale, this puppy is considered to be pet quality and no guarantee is offered that this pup does not have disqualifying faults that would make it unsuitable for the show ring, field competition or breeding.
Your puppy should be examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within 3 days of taking possession of your puppy. We will not be responsible for illness or health problems which are diagnosed after this time period, except where stated in this contract. Silverose Labs will not be responsible for Parvo, Distemper or Corona Virus after 72 hours of taking possession of your puppy, as these are highly contagious diseases and they can be contracted immediately after leaving the breeder.

Silverose Labs does not guarantee your dog’s hips against any form of Dysplasia that is attributable to non-genetic causes.
Under no circumstances will Silverose Labs be responsible for Veterinary or other bills incurred.
When the following requirements have been met, our guarantee will be in effect and honored by Silverose Labs.
1.The dog must not have been bred.
2.A copy of the findings from OFA must be sent to us for our records as well as any findings from your Veterinarian.
3.A letter from your Veterinarian, identifying the dog, stating it has been neutered or spayed. We do not require you to neuter or spay your pet on normal terms, only in the event there are health issues that would warrant a replacement.
When Silverose Labs is satisfied a problem does exist, and all terms have been met, a pup of like or similar breeding will be offered as a replacement. If price of replacement pup is higher than original pup purchased, the owner will pay the difference. All transportation expenses of replacement pup will be assumed by the purchaser. Original pup may be kept by the purchaser.
If the dog is transferred from the original purchaser this agreement is null and void.
Purchaser of this puppy agrees to all terms of this guarantee when they accept possession of puppy.


Many people ask if they can see or play with our puppies when they are tiny babies. Until the puppies have had at least the first puppy vaccinations, the answer is NO. There are several reasons why we do not let anyone around the puppies between birth and 8 weeks...and all those reasons are to protect the puppies.
Like a new baby, the opportunity for young pups to pick up infectious diseases is increased with all new contacts. Their immune systems are building, so at this time, the moms and pups live in whelping nests which are separate from all outside traffic. Most illnesses and diseases are innocently carried on people’s shoes and clothing. Entire litters of puppies can be wiped out within 48 hours by the puppy killer parvovirus. This disease could be picked up unknowingly by people in a school yard, a park, or on a sidewalk - and this is only one disease. We cannot risk exposing our dogs and your puppy to diseases that could destroy them.
It is extremely stressful for the mama dog to have strangers visit as she is caring for her litter. This in turn will put stress on the newborn pups. Remember, you are only one of many people who want to adopt a puppy, not including everyone else who “just wants to peek at the new babies.” If we allow everyone to see, touch, or spend time with the new pups, the mom’s routine would be disrupted: her eating and caring for pups and even her ability to produce enough healthy milk for them could be at risk. Your puppy is not the only puppy. By protecting all of our puppies from stress and disease that could be brought in by visitors, we are protecting your puppy. Just think about how you would feel if someone who just wanted to see his or her pup happened to bring in illness that would cause us to lose a puppy, or even the entire litter. We have heard from many people that pet stores and some breeders allow people to visit puppies early. If that is the case, the reality is most likely that their number one objective is selling a puppy and concern for the puppy’s well-being is secondary.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We take great care and much time caring for all of our dogs and puppies. It is time and energy consuming. We understand your excitement, and we are happy that you are enthusiastic about getting your pup. However, until you take your puppy home, we are responsible and the puppy’s health and safety is our number one priority. We guarantee, waiting a few weeks will be worth it.