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Hi Laurian, the two pups were playing again today. John took lots of photos. Watson is something and Misty is sooooooooooooooooooo active and we love her so much. Hard to imagine life without her.  Keeps us on our toes and feet! Best regards....................TINKER 
Meet "Rerun" (Izzy and Jet) and "Franklin" (Stormy and Jet)
They are Brothers 
from another Mother!

We are all doing well.  Cooper is getting big and is anything but shy and quiet!  We have decided to register him as Sargent Cooper T. Reis.  "Sargent" is because we picked him up on Veteran's day.  The "T." stands for Trouble because he is full of it!
He is definitely the family comedian.  We just love him to death.  I have attached a few pics.  The one by the fire place I just took today so you can see how much he has grown.
 Our vet loves him too.  He says he's the perfect puppy.  Thank you again!
Meet Hank. 
Soon to be the next member of The Avenger's!
Just's only because he doesn't want to. As you will see....Hank can do it all!
Hank earned his AKC Junior Hunter Title this weekend at Denverton (03/12)
Super V and distance Hank hit the 6 foot mark today and is still improving.  He ran well in the distance, coming very close to 15 feet.

On March 10, 2012, Hank ran his first leg at an AKC Junior Hunt Test and received a qualifying score.  He is 8 1/2 months old.
We are getting ready for Hank's 1st Splash Dogs event on May 19 & 20.

Hank is a puppy from Haley and Jet.
 We couldn't be prouder! 
Great Job Greg and Lisa!

Best friends...smokeyjo is growing like a weed....loves her new best friend.  We find we spend a lot more time on our patio now with her instead of in the house....she still has the attention span of a little gnat when it comes to house training...two steps forward, one step back..just like the vet said.  But she's doing her, love her....Jo and Ron
    My husband, John and I bought 'the little prince' from Izzy and 
Tucker's Sept. 2011 litter.   I just wanted to write to you to tell you 
what an amzing dog he has turned out to be.  We named him Jet which is appropriate because this dog moves faster than any Lab I've ever seen.  
I swear he's going to sprout wings and take off.  He is a fantastic playmate for our son.  He is a clown with a real sense of humor.
   I've had a few very special dogs in my life, but Jet the most amzing dog I've ever had.  There isn't anything I've tried to teach him that he hasn't picked up in 20 minutes or less.  We just got back from a walk in our neighborhood.  Jet was off leash and never left my side.  I can't believe how smart he is.  He understands everything I say.
   He loves to go camping.  He gets very excited when he see our trailer.  He's a perfect traveler.
   I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks again for such a great dog.  I still can't believe my John chose him since he was so much smaller than the other pups.  I knew there was something special about him.  He's the best.
  Thanks again                                             Cara, John & Johnny

I wanted to give you an update on the puppy we purchased.  He is very smart.  We get lots of compliments and inquiries.  We send those inquires your way. - Kathleen I.
Fourth of July!
Hey, I just wanted to give you a little update. We got Ella from you in March. She was one of Belle and Tucker's puppies born Jan 13, 2012.
She is doing really well, she is super sweet and stubborn. She loves EVERYONE and wants love back at all times. She is always happy, unless she is outside by herself! Here are a couple pictures of her, one is from the day we picked her up and two are from a family photo shoot the other day. 
The pictures really don't do her justice, she is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!
                                                      Elisha W.
Hi Laurie,
 We just wanted to send you an update on Bo!  Bo was born on May 7, forward to May 7, 2013 and we welcomed our baby girl Emma to the family!!  As my due date came and went, my husband and I even joked about Emma and Bo shared a birthday!!  I see a Silver lab themed birthday party for 2014!  Bo has taken his role as a big brother in stride.  Although sometimes he does have to take a backseat (literally) to Emma that he is not always happy about as you can see in the picture!  I so look forward to watching Emma grow up with her best buddy by her side.  Bo is also a bit of a celebrity here in our town.  He was selected to be part of an ad campaign for a local business.  He currently has a billboard that can be seen on Highway 101, has a print ad and was also selected to be on the company's gift cards!  Hope all is well with your family!  
Joey and Sarah H
Los Osos, Ca 

Silver Lab
Bo is a
Belle X Tucker
Hi Laurian,

Just checking in and updating you on Bentley (Izzy and Tucker March 16,2012). He is an AWESOME boy!! I took him to a dock dogs class this morning and he was the star of the show. We have a pool so he is used to and absolutely loves the water. He was the first dog to jump and everyone else complained (not really) that he set the bar far too high. The instructor, Vit Kruml…who is a splash dogs judge and from what I understand, well respected in the dock dogs community, said he is a total natural. He first got him on the little ramp to check his swimming and drive to retrieve a toy….passed with flying colors. Then we went on the dock. He had me sit, stay him at the very edge of the dock. I threw his toy and released him and he jumped instantly. He did retrieves from 16 feet back on the dock without hesitation. He was awesome! Vit was quite impressed with his drive and confidence. 

Just Bentley and I went so I had no one to take pictures. A few other participants took pictures and videos and said they would send them to me. I will forward these once I receive them. You have an incredible line of dogs. Several people were asking me where I got him and I happily told them.

He is doing great and we couldn’t imagine life without him. When we leave the house for a couple of hours, we leave him out of his crate and he is so very good. He chews only on his toys…and an occasional toilet paper roll. No accidents in the house since a couple of weeks after we got him and when he did have those accidents, it was our fault for not watching him like a hawk.

Thanks for raising great, confident dogs!!

Angie P.

     Gunner is turning into quite the service and hunting dog. He likes to fetch the newspaper, fetch the phone, and turn off the light! He heels at my side with and without the leash (has been for months though!) and sits on corners and whenever I stop. His utmost favorite toy is the weasel ball. He goes bonkers for it, and then some.

     Everyone compliments how gorgeous he is. Most of my friends with female purebred labs wish that they didn't spay their girls yet after they met him. And he's as healthy as an ox. I'm so grateful that he has a nice fine coat and doesn't shed too much. Everyone, family included, love his brindle paws. It'll be interesting when he gets a girlfriend. We're supposed to move to Colorado (just outside of Denver) in three weeks where he and our other dogs will have a huge backyard with an awesome dog run. The dog run as a utility shed with A/C! There's a dog park a block away, a state park where he can roam off-leash and into a stream, and another park with a lake about two blocks away. I can't wait to see his reaction to snow!

     Gunner is from Stormy and Jet's litter. And I swear that he's bigger than Stormy already, taller at least. There is only one lab that it's taller than him now! Big monster eats about 10lbs of puppy food in 2 weeks, if that!
                                                          -Elizabeth L.
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-UPDATE December 2013-
Should finish his Master Title this Spring...He has 2 Passes already, needs 3 more.
Maddie & Cooper
Two of our Beautiful Pups All Grown Up!
Hi Laurian -- thought I'd send over a picture we recently took of the kids.  Maddie turned 3 on Dec. 15, and Cooper is 10 months old now…
                                                          -Tim H.