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Beautiful daughter of Tucker and Chloe....
She is happy and ready to play...always ready for a hug too! She is shown here at 4 months...
she is a knockout!
Silverose Rock N Reece
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Silverose Amazing Grace
A little of her dad Tucker.... a little of her Mom Sara....
a little of her Aunt Chloe and lots of personality!
Silverose Rockin Riley
An amazing combination of Sweet Gentle Stormy and our Wonderful Jet. The best of both....
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Our Girls
Silverose Coco Aubree
Bree's little girl. But built like dad Jet. Loving and sweet.
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Silverose Champagne Supernova
Striking Champagne Color....Mellow and Smart
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Silverose Sailor Blue
Beautiful daughter of our own Luna and Tucker.
Sweet, always wanting to please. She is a joy to look at and be with.
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Silverose Home Run Madison
Kwazii's Beautiful Daughter 
Amazing Charcoal Color - Mellow and Loving
Shown here at 12 Weeks
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Silverose Abbey Road
This Girl has never had a Bad Day!
Always a Smile...
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Silverose Izzy
Smart and Trainable
This Girl Could Do Anything
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Silverose Outlaw Josey
Amazing daughter of Tucker and Luna....
As athletic as her mother...always ready for a game. And Beautiful too.
Silverose Bam Bam Pebbles
Hunting Lineage, Mellow and Amazing
Beautiful Coat and Color
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Silverose Xena Warrior Princess
Riley and Tucker's Amazing Daughter
Beautiful Coat and Color
Shown here 
at 8 Months
Our newest
 little star!
Silverose Summer Breeze
Beautiful Champagne.
Smart, Willing and Adorable.
Silverose Temperance Bones
Pebble's and Tucker's Amazing Daughter
Beautiful Charcoal
Shown here 
at 6 Months
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