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Meet "Idris" (Reece and Jet) 
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       Happy Owners
Everyone keeps noticing his feet 
He is a wonderful dog, except when he needs to burn energy!
Chobee at 1 Year Old 
He has changed our lives for the better.
Just thought I'd give you a quick update for Ollie 
(Hudson-Gracie, white collar female). 
She is 4 months old now. About 36 lbs, full of energy and enthusiasm. 
She loves everybody and gets lots of attention. 
 She LOVES the beach, loves running around and chasing sticks out in the water. 
 We all love her so much! 
 I'll continue to send a picture now and then...


We bought Zen from you March 8, 2014. 
Below is a current picture.
Hi there-
Hard to believe it been 6 years since we picked up a beautiful chocolate lab from you... as a birthday present for my then 12 yr old son. My son is now about to be 18 yrs old, and our beloved Kobe (chocolate lab, parents Jet & ???, born 7/31/2012) just turned 6 yrs old (recent pic attached). He has been an absolutely fantastic dog. Quick learner, eager to please, affectionate would be an understatement, great with kids... absolutely awesome! 
                                      -Cory & Keala G

Just thought I would share this pic with you.
Our Jetty Boy is an absolute joy!
Carmel Beach is his favorite place to be.
We are currently working towards passing the 
Canine Good Citizen Test.
                                -Danielle G.